WATVUL: Water and Vulnerability in Fragile Societies

Complex water-related vulnerabilities such as coastal and inland flooding are becoming more prevalent and intense due to changing climate. Radically new approaches are needed to explore the vulnerability of fragile societies to water-related disasters. WATVUL explores the linkages between biophysical and socio-political processes of water related vulnerabilities in South-East Asia and Mexico by combining hydrological and hydroclimatic analyses with ethnographic research.

The four-year project is funded by the Academy of Finland (Suomen Akatemia). WATVUL consists of two sub-projects led by Professor Anja Nygren (University of Helsinki) and Assistant professor Matti Kummu (Aalto University). Water and Development Research Group leads a sub-project focusing on hydrological assessments of future changes in fragile floodplains.

Contact information at Aalto: Matti Kummu, Alex Horton