Our grand challenge is water, the lifeblood of this planet and at the same time the lifeblood of societies and ecosystems. This challenge is today more than substantial in many ways, both locally and globally due to an array of intertwined factors that stress our favorite planet’s lifeblood. Nevertheless, at the same time the opportunities are also tremendous. Through water, many societal and ecological issues connect to one another, and through water, many of them have a handle to grip.

We are working rigorously on various aspects of water. On policies and related paradigms such as water security, resilience, vulnerability, integration, sustainability and more. On water’s many facets related to agriculture, urbanization, energy generation, ecosystems, climate change and more. Geographically, we have a strong global approach, as well as regional and local hotspot areas, including Finland.

So, where is the focus? It is on the future experts, visionaries and game changers, those scholars and students who commit themselves in a passionate way in working towards deeper and broader understanding of water problems of our favorite planet in a solution and innovation-seeking manner.


conducting multi- and interdisciplinary water research aiming for sustainable and balanced development


offering educational activities focusing on the links water and social, economic and environmental development at local, regional and global level

Expert services

services in innovating and implementing technologies, strategies, policies and plans for enhancing integrated water resources development and management

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