WDRG is a unique research group with multidisciplinary approach. Our research group is a combination of professors, post-docs and doctoral students with various backgrounds. For more information and detailed publication list, please click the personal links in People page and visit Aalto People site.

Research group leaders:

Post-doctoral researchers:

Doctoral students:

WDRG Alumni:

  • Timo Räsänen, DSc student, postdoc fellow -2017
  • Miina Porkka, DSc student -2017
  • Mirja Kattelus, DSc student -2017
  • Aura Salmivaara, DSc student -2015
  • Shokhrukh Jalilov, postdoc fellow -2015
  • Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman, DSc student , postdoc fellow -2013
  • Virpi Stucki, DSc student -2011
  • Ulla Heinonen, DSc student -2009