WDRG is a unique research group with multidisciplinary approach. Our research group is a combination of professors, post-docs and doctoral students with various backgrounds. For more information and detailed publication list, please click the personal links in People page and visit Aalto People site.

Research group leaders

Post-doctoral researchers

Doctoral students

Research affiliates and visiting researchers

WDRG Master thesis workers

  • Sara Heikonen (started 6/2020): “Effects of agricultural land use and reduced autumn tillage on lake eutrophication in Finland”
  • Sara Saukkonen (started 9/2020)
  • Inkeri Seppälä (started 11/2020)

WDRG Alumni

  • Roope Kouki, Research assistant 2020
  • Hafsa Munia, DSc student -2020
  • Joseph Guillaume, Post-doctoral Researcher -2019
  • Juho Haapala, DSc student -2018
  • Timo Räsänen, DSc student, Post-doctoral researcher -2017
  • Miina Porkka, DSc student -2017
  • Mirja Kattelus, DSc student -2017
  • Aura Salmivaara, DSc student -2015
  • Shokhrukh Jalilov, post-doc researcher -2015
  • Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman, DSc student , Post-doctoral Researcher -2013
  • Virpi Stucki, DSc student -2011
  • Ulla Heinonen, DSc student -2009