Doctoral education

Doctoral education and related research activities form the core of the Water & Development Research Group’s activities. Our aim is to make the doctoral education increasingly systematic and better supervised, and thus to enhance its role in and for the society.

The key areas of our doctoral education correspond with our general research focus, and include urbanization, security concerns, poverty, food and energy issues as well as the environment and climate change. Major part of our doctoral education focuses on global analyses and research on developing economies in Asia as well as how these aspects can be taken into account in policy-making in Finland.

We make use of  DataCamp services in our doctoral degree education. It is a learning platform for data science with diversity of courses on R, Python and SQL.

Our current doctoral students can be found from People page.

Master’s level education

In terms of Master’s level education, Water & Development Research Group provides several courses related to water and development at Aalto University. Our courses are part of the Water and Environmental Engineering Master’s programme.

Our Master programme received Aalto University’s Excellence Recognition award in 2018, read more here.

SGT programme

We also coordinate the study programme on Sustainable Global Technologies. The SGT programme includes very popular SGT studio course, which is built around multi- and interdisciplinary student projects implemented with various partners around the world. More information about our recent student projects can be found here.

“With an enthusiastic team, big challenges can be taken on”


The new Master’s Programme in Water and Environmental Engineering includes several courses related to water and development, built environment, governance and sustainability:

WAT-E2060 Sustainable Built Environment

WAT-E2070 Sustainability Global Technologies SGT Studio

WAT-E2080 Water & Governance

WAT-E2090 Water and People in the Changing World

Yhd-12.3081 State of the World and Development

Past Courses

Yhd-12.3120 Global Water Problems (GWP) course

Yhd-12.3081 State of the World and Development

Yhd-12.3088 Sustainable Global Technologies, Changing course

Yhd-12.3092 Sustainable Technologies Studio

Yhd-12.3140 Water and People in the Changing World