CPWF Mekong Basin Development Challenge

The Mekong Basin Development Challenge is a part of the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water & Food (CPWF). The Water and Development Research Group is taking part in the so-called MK3 project ‘Optimizing cascades or systems of reservoirs in small catchments‘ that is led by ICEM and focuses on optimizing the management of cascades or systems of reservoirs at catchment level.

MK3 project scales up to the catchment level the results obtained from optimizing the management of individual reservoirs. As such, it draws on results from MK1 and MK2. The project seeks to understand at the catchment scale the cumulative upstream and downstream consequences of management decisions taken for multiple reservoirs. It includes the study of land degradation and reservoir siltation processes.

Active: 2010 – 2013

Researchers: Marko Keskinen, Matti Kummu, Timo Räsänen

More information: http://wle-mekong.cgiar.org/

Results and reports available at: http://wle-mekong.cgiar.org/

and http://www.optimisingcascades.org/