Majakka – systematic development of doctoral education

The Land and Water Technology Foundation (Maa- ja vesitekniikan tuki ry) donated 2 million euros for Aalto University’s Water & Development Group. The donation enhances doctoral education and research in water resources management, particularly in the field of sustainable development related to water, which plays a significant role in the research conducted at Aalto University.

The donation is used to develop an operating model which will help develop doctoral education to become increasingly systematic, better supervised and more persistent and to generate new innovations. A further aim is to create increasingly extensive doctoral programmes and to also provide other investors with a model for broad-based cooperation with Aalto University.

The model involves forming cells out of post doc researchers, doctoral candidates and students working on their master’s theses to examine supervision, group formation and financing as a whole. Researchers and students will work on the same research topic, the activities will be enhanced with co-learning and overlapping work will be avoided with a clear distribution of duties.

Get to know us: Maija Taka, Laura VerbruggeAmy Fallon, Venla Niva, Pekka Kinnunen, Matias Heino, Lauri Ahopelto, Marko Kallio + Olli Varis, Matti Kummu & Marko Keskinen. Majakka also got a service designer in 2020, read more about Betsy’s work soon!

Majakan lahjoituksen suomenkielinen uutinen Aalto Magazinessa.

Majakka project received Aalto University’s Excellence Recognition award in 2018. More information here. Majakka is also part of Aalto University What if / Entä jos -series, read more here.

The project privacy notice for the participants can be viewed here.