IWRM and Impact Assessment in the Mekong Region

This broad research theme studies water resources management in the Mekong River Basin in South-East Asia, with specific emphasis on the different aspects of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). Studies look in multi- and interdisciplinary manner at the interconnections between water, environment and society, and different research components thus focus on e.g. water modelling and related impact assessment, livelihood analyses (including both quantitative and qualitative research methods) as well as policy and governance analyses with emphasis on transboundary aspects. Based on these studies, recommendations for water-related impact assessments in different levels (local, national, regional) are given. The theme has close linkages with so-called WUP-FIN Project as well as with our other research projects, such as those on urbanisation and on water, energy, ecosystems and climate change.

Researchers: Marko Keskinen, Olli Varis, Matti Kummu, Mira Käkönen

Active: 2002-2013

Outcome: The outputs from the research theme include different publications ranging from conference papers to journal articles and special issues. Also two doctoral thesis and several Master’s theses have been / will be accomplished related to the theme.

More information: Marko Keskinen, Olli Varis, Matti Kummu (firstname.lastname@aalto.fi), and Mira Käkönen (firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi)