Interconnections of Water, Food Poverty and Urbanization

Introduction: This study combines the major results of the numerous global assessments performed in the 1990s­with respect to population, urbanization, poverty, economy, society, etc. in a holistic manner. Global water resources and environmental issues are investigated as a dilemma of sustainable development and increasing exploitation. Particular target regions are China, SE Asia, S Asia, the Nile basin countries, and Sahel/W Africa. The time perspective includes one generation in retrospect and one generation forward, 1970-2025. The project produces education material, computational models and scientific publications, academic dissertations, and material for popularization of the major outcomes. The approach includes literature review, expert interviews and assessments, analyses of international and national databases, as well as computational models.

Researcher: Prof. Olli Varis

Active: 1997-2006

Outcome: The outputs include books, academic dissertations and journal articles.

More information: Olli Varis (

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